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ART Feeding Families

The Earl Farm in Howell was the venue for LAYERS, a plein air solo art exhibit that raised more than $32,000 to help put healthy protein on the tables of Livingston County families.

The sold-out community fundraiser, attended by 150 people on July 31, was a collaboration between The Earl Farm Foundation, and artist Susan Pominville, who founded ART Feeding Families to use her talents to help reduce local childhood hunger.

The 45 acres of sunflowers were a golden backdrop for LAYERS, Pominville’s 8’ by 4’ oil painting comprised of 100 individual canvases. The title comes from the painting’s many layers of color, one built upon the other. In designing the painting as a mosaic, the message was two-fold: “I wanted to convey the importance of us as unique individuals, and also recognize the bond and connection among us all.”

All proceeds from art sales, tickets, and additional donations go to benefit the nonprofit Earl Farm Foundation, whose sole purpose is to help families in need.

There are several ways to help. Tax-deductible donations may be made online at EARLFARM.COM.

TAP HERE to see a start-to-finish timelapse video of the painting in progress and the final reveal.

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